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10 February 2010: Catahoula Leopard Dog

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Labrador Dog - Google News
The Edmond, OK, Police Department has a new drug dog that was a stray at the animal shelter. The Labrador retriever found drugs at two of Edmond's high ...
RCMP officers were called to 772 East Chezzetcook Rd. at 8:54 pm Tuesday by a resident who accused a dog of attacking her family pet, a beagle- Labrador mix. ...

San Jose Mercury News
The harassed dogs have ranged in size from a small collie to a 90-pound Labrador , Hodgins said. "In some cases, the owners just yelled," he said. ...

Peninsula Gateway
Kathy Feroglia takes a break outside her new store, “The Dog House,” with her bulldog, “Prada,” and yellow labrador , “Gunner.” One glance at the pictures on ...
... of Vancouver, isn't usually too far from her phone – even during a dog show. When he's not winning ribbons, Tucker the Labrador retriever enjoys rolling ...

South Shore News and Tribune
When Don is in his harness, which Jeff Redford calls his dog's "suit," the almost 2-year-old Labrador retriever takes on his work persona. ...

Edmond Sun
This particular storyline involves a stray dog , one of a countless number of strays roaming in cities across the country, a black Labrador brought into ...

News Chief
Wade, a black and white mix of Labrador and Australian cattle dog , was adopted by Karen and Jack Clifford about four years ago from All Creatures Great and ...

Daily Mail
And as you can see here, the three-month-old pup has found a new best friend in black labrador puppy Mollie. The odd-couple enjoy snuggling up in the house ...

WYFF Greenville
Doc is a 2-year-old black Labrador retriever. He's a trained bomb-sniffing dog with a new home at the university, thanks to a $15000 Homeland Security grant ...

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